About MRWC

We are active women with a purpose from every sector of American society. We believe in the American dream of freedom and opportunity for all. We care very much about the safety and well-being of our communities, for the protection of our persuits in relationships, education and enterprise, where neighbors and neighborhoods thrive in the liberty to worship, to gather, to speak, and listen openly, unhindered by government pressure and overreach. 

Are we Activists? Sure, why not.

The Mecklenburg Evening Republican Women was created in 1962 by women eager to get involved in the political process, passionate about the issues of their day. Our members have been delegates to the Republican National Convention, served in leadership in the National Federation of Republican Women, and have held leadership roles throughout the national, state, and local Republican Party.

This Women’s Club exists to provide information about local, state, and national politics. To help our community understand the impact of policy decisions affecting our everyday lives, to get to know the people charged with representing us, as well as how to affect change where it is needed. We are women who want to make our communities a better place for all and when necessary, push back against the ever-increasing overreach of government.

Historically, it has been the hard work and dedication, service, and tireless volunteer hours provided by concerned, informed, and determined women who make the difference in every election outcome. Today, there is a surge in women who have formerly stayed on the sidelines thinking their voice and involvement would not make a difference, showing up at School Board meetings, City Council, and County Commission meetings. This new activism is contagious! Women are speaking up about issues that are concerning and seem to threaten their family’s safety, financial wellbeing, and future.

We believe that our ideas and policy positions are founded on common sense and rooted in the genius of our Constitution, ensuring individual freedoms which ultimately provide the most benefit for all Americans. Our voice is growing stronger every day. There is no substitute for the collective voice of “we the people” so we invite you to join us, to add your ideas and strength.

LET’S MEET UP! Each month, on the 3rd. Tuesday, MERWC meets at local restaurants around the Queen City for informative, lively, discussions and to hear from city and state leaders. Have a glass of wine and charcuterie or a brew and a burger while enjoying a conversation with friends and fellow citizens.