The Democrats Desperate Impeachment Efforts will Backfire

As published in the Charlotte Observer

Since 2015, we have witnessed a series of disturbing and unprecedented events. Media outlets published evidence showing that the DNC and the Clinton campaign funneled money to Fusion GPS to have opposition research of candidate Donald Trump done by foreigners. This resulted in the now infamous Trump Russian dossier, which has been exposed as a fraud. At least one biased federal agent who was involved in investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election, Peter Strzok, was also part of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

The Democrats told us for two years that Trump was a Russian asset and that the Mueller investigation was going to be President Trump’s undoing. Yet when the Mueller report came out, it was determined that there was no collusion, and the report came to no conclusion on obstruction.

Some Democratic leaders and media personalities started calling for Trump’s impeachment after his inauguration. How do you impeach a president when he’s not even been office but a few days?

Now, an explosive bombshell! Trump violated the law and committed an impeachable offense by demanding a quid pro quo with the Ukrainian president — at least according to some Democrats. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and others were convinced they had him now! They revealed their hand before all the evidence had come out, but President Trump authorized releasing the transcript and the whistleblower report was also released to the public. I’m sure Democrats did not expect President Trump to do that.

Never to be outdone in the area of absurdity, Schiff opened the impeachment inquiry hearings by reciting a false parody that left millions of Americans believing he was communicating what President Trump said to the Ukranian president. It was irresponsible for Schiff to do this. Impeachment inquiries are serious business. If Schiff had been serious about these proceedings, then he would have opened his statements by reading the transcript. I believe he didn’t because the transcript does not provide any credibility to the basis that they are claiming for impeachment.

Yes, President Trump could have used a better way to express his request to the Ukrainian president than to ask for a favor. But he did not offer something of value in return nor did he threaten to hold back anything, including military aid. The mere phrase “can you do me a favor?” alone does not rise to the level of quid pro quo. It’s intellectually dishonest for people to insist otherwise.

Democrats have been trying to make the rules up as they go. When Hillary Clinton was found to be negligent with her handling of classified emails, they told us that was not her intent. Now they want to insist that the mere phrase “can you do me a favor” equates to a quid pro quo?

The bottom line is that American people in every socioeconomic class are doing far better under President Trump than they were before. President Trump is proving that conservative policies work, and that scares Democrats to death. If the Democrats believed that their policies would improve things for the American people, then they would spend their time making that case. Instead, they are desperately trying to find a way to destroy our President. I predict it will backfire at the polls in 2020.

Contributing columnist Desiree Zapata Miller is president of the Mecklenburg Evening Republican Women’s Club. Email:

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