Meet Matthew Ridenhour

Matthew Ridenhour County Commission District 5

If elected what are your top three priorities?

  1. Control spending—Mecklenburg County has increased its spending nearly $200M in the last two years. Do we as county residents feel we are receiving more or better services than we did two years ago?
  2. Tackle affordable housing—Affordable housing is consistently ranked as a top priority by Meck Co residents. What can we do to help make Mecklenburg a place where more people can afford to live? We can lower the cost to build homes and apartments by streamlining building permits and inspections. We can lower property taxes, so land is less expensive to acquire. And we can foster a strong business environment, where people can find good-paying jobs so housing becomes more affordable to the individual.
  3. Expand our parks and greenways—Char-Meck consistently ranks poorly nationally regarding access to park space and greenways. Being outdoors promotes a healthy citizenry, as well as opportunities for young and old to recreate, and is good for mental health. Additionally, greenways provide an excellent way to exercise, but also can be viewed as a part of our transportation network, as increasingly greater numbers of people are using them to bike to work (which reduces automobile congestion).

What experience do you have that qualifies you for the position?

I held the position from 2012-2018.

Why have you decided to run for office?

Republicans in Mecklenburg County have no voice at the county level. This has led to an all-Democrat board raising property taxes, attempting to raise the sales tax rate, conducting secret meetings, and increasing the county budget by nearly $200 million over the last 2 years. I believe I can provide a strong voice of conservatism, and help put up guardrails so the Commission does not veer too far into extreme policies.

Please provide a couple of sentences about your personal life?

Married for nine years to Abby, and we have two kids; Caroline is 5 and Hobson is almost 3. I work in risk management for a global fintech company, and have been in this career for the last five years, following 11 years in the USMC. We spend our time biking greenways, paddleboarding local rivers and lakes, and running 5ks. We attend church at Forest Hill SouthPark.

What is your website address?

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