Meet Kalle Thompson

If elected what are your top three priorities?

My top priorities are education (K-12), public safety, and upward mobility (through employment, job entry programs, and vocational training). I also plan to keep an eye on any transportation initiatives proposed for the Independence Blvd and Monroe Road corridors, on behalf of residents, as well as the upcoming redevelopment of the former Eastland Mall site, and how new development could impact longtime residents of the area.

What experience do you have that qualifies you for the position?

I bring a unique skillset to the table from my varied life experiences, work in different fields, my educational background, my time as a mother, and my involvement in the birth community, a field deeply focused on the wellbeing of mothers, babies, and relationships. I have volunteered for campaigns over the last three years and found that politics was a place for putting my convictions into transformative action.

Why have you decided to run for office?

I am a native Charlottean, and I am tired of seeing my city stagnate under Democratic leadership. I decided the biggest step I could make towards change was to run in my district: to hold the Democrat incumbent’s feet to the fire, to use this remarkable challenge as an opportunity to further communicate our conservative values across the district, and to enact change in Mecklenburg via the mechanism of state government. I felt I could do a good job as a representative, and I feel truly called to this work of service.

Please provide a couple of sentences about your personal life.

I am a single mom to three young children. I enjoy yoga, outdoor activities, and cooking. I work as a childbirth educator, preparing pregnant couples for the experience of natural birth.

What is your website address?

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