Meet Joel Levey

If elected what are your top three priorities?

I am concerned about local taxation, education funding, and ensuring that Mecklenburg remains the growth engine for North Carolina. 

What experience do you have that qualifies you for the position?

Professionally I am a licensed Attorney, money manager, and I am the former Assistant City Treasurer for the City of Charlotte.   Additionally, I am the former Vice Chairman of the Mecklenburg County Board of Equalization and Review where I voted to hold the line and lower the taxes for thousands of County residents.  I have also taught economics at CPCC.   I have a MA (Economics), MBA (Business Finance), JD (Juris Doctorate), LLM (Pending: Securities and Financial Regulation) and PhD (Pending:  Public Policy & Economics). 

Why have you decided to run for office?

When Bill James, a CPA, left the board a gap in financial understanding was created.  The Board needs a voice that can tie bad policy decisions into community outcomes.  For example, the Board votes to raise property taxes and then bemoans affordable housing.  I don’t see the Board as having anyone who understands finances.  

Additionally, the focus of the Board has gone astray.   Instead of focusing on school funding, they discuss climate change.  Instead of looking into why our social services are failing the homeless, they vote to push for a sales tax for Arts. 

I want to refocus the Board on historical priorities.   Also, this next Board will shape the policy for the next revaluation.  I want to ensure that it is done correctly and efficiently.

Please provide a couple of sentences about your personal life?

I am the son a truck driver and a nurses aid – both high school dropouts.   I believe that we are all God’s children and everyone should be treated with dignity and respect.   I married my High School sweetheart and we have 5 wonderful children.   My faith is very important to me and I want to create an environment that fosters community and jobs for my family and my neighbors.  I am a lifelong learner who enjoys discussing policy. 

What is your website address?

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